• We are passionate about producing environment-friendly items that are not only going to help save you money however are likewise going to be something positive for the environment.

    By setting up energy ranked Double Glazing you will substantially lower your heating expenses, enhance your house’s energy performance and reduce your carbon footprint.

    Select from a series of energy effective windows and doors with the choice of uPVC, aluminium and timber Double Glazing that all deal improved energy performance. You would not choose soft goods such as refrigerators and dishwashers that aren’t energy efficient so nor need to you with your doors and windows. Constantly keep an eye out for the ‘Window Energy Rating’ label that will look similar to these other electrical devices. Ratings begin with a ‘G’ (for poor energy efficiency) through to the very best performing ‘A’ ranked energy windows.


    All of our uPVC double glazed windows are A ranked – indicating they have remarkable thermal efficiency as basic and are the greatest energy efficient ranking available. We guarantee we utilize the best products in the marketplace for our Double Glazing, including industry leading Pilkington glass. Our energy conserving UPVC windows are multi-chambered, and our aluminium frames have thermal breaks to conserve heat, while our lumber frames insulate naturally. So no matter what your choice of window, you can be confident that we are supplying an energy effective solution.

    Benfleet Glaziers are proud to use Triple Glazing as an alternative with all of our windows – triple glazed windows are 40% more reliable than A-rated Double Glazing so by choosing Triple Glazing for your replacement windows, you will be getting a great level of energy effectiveness.

    How do you measure the energy effectiveness of a window?

    A number of various factors will add to the energy performance of a window.   The Window Energy Rating (WER) varies from G to A and more people are now looking or A ranked efficiency when picking their replacement windows. Factors that are taken into account include the total solar transmittance, just how much air can pass through the window seals and how well heat is retained by the glass – all these factors combined will add to the window’s general score.

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