• Did you recognize that it additionally makes good sense to have glazing mounted in the summer season? Benfleet Glaziers will show you 4 scorching factors as to why having secondary glazing installed may help you and your family cooler and more comfortable all year round.

    Totally removes UV rays

    Solitary glazing as well as dual glazing that dates from prior to 2003 confesses a big amount of ultraviolet rays. These rays can damage furnishings, art work and also documentation by causing fading, yet can also trigger sunburn and also aging damage to the skin. Most laxing options can remove over 99.9% of the sunlight’s harmful rays, getting rid of fading, and also minimizing direct exposure to possibly hazardous impacts of the sunlight This is fantastic for those people who have light delicate furnishings of artefacts (such as in manor houses), but is additionally great for maintaining the life of your soft home furnishings, art work, drapes or wallpaper: in fact, anything that might ordinarily end up being discolored by the sun.

    Decrease the warmth of the sun.

    Glazing can also be used for its warmth retention, however did you recognize that it could additionally keep you cooler in the summer? It can reflects 27% of the warmth of the sunlight as a result of the reflective residential properties of the polycarbonate. This implies you can avoid the “pollution” that is a regrettable negative effects of glass additional glazing, as well as appreciate a cooler home in the summertime.

    Helps add to a plant pollen cost-free environment

     Double Glazing produces a total seal over your windows, stemming the ingress of dust, dust, air pollution as well as plant pollen right into your house. Old windows have several spaces as well as fractures where particles of pollen can make their means right into the house. By securing over the cracks with a secondary glazing, plant pollen and dust access is practically non existent, resulting in a cleaner house and also better air high quality. Perfect for summer  season as hay fever victims!

    Beat the winter months thrill

    It occurs like clockwork: the very first indications of winter and also the demand for second glazing goes through the roof. Waiting on wintertime can leave you at the grace of long lead times … and also no one intends to be cool! Believe outside the box as well as defeat the groups by mounting your secondary glazing in the summertime and take pleasure in a quicker install and a cozy residence from the 2nd the temperature drops.

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